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The Radio Broadcast is NOW on Sunday mornings from 8:45 AM until Wednesday Evenings @ 8:30 PM. Please see our schedule on the Live Radio Broadcast page for updates. You can also listen to us on Tunein Radio; just go to this link; urch-of-Christ--North-Las-Vegas-s222905/ anytime between Sunday @ 9:45 AM and Wednesday @ 8:30 PM.

Out goes the lights. There are several large trucks from the cable and electric company outside the building. We are currently down, we will be back as soon as possible. Thank you for listening.

Service Schedule 


9:45 AM: Bible Class; English and Spanish

11 AM: Worship; English and Spanish

6 PM: Bible Class; English and Spanish

7 PM: Worship; English


10:30  AM:  Cradle to the Grave w/  Bro Leo Gay


10:30 AM:  AM Mid-Week  Bible  Class  w/  Bro  Albert  Scott

7 PM: PM Mid-Week Bible Class; English and Spanish