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Bro. Robert Hunter began preaching the gospel in 1952 and God 
blessed him to preach for 52 years! God's blessings on Brother 
and Sister Hunter are still reflected in their work in this 
congregation.  For over 35 years Brother and Sister Hunter 
diligently and tirelessly built a work in North Las Vegas 
that's continuing to grow and flourish. Brother Hunter 
literally built the church edifice while building the church 
spiritually through preaching, teaching, visiting counseling, etc. 

A man with a vision whom God has blessed to see parts of it 
come to pass already.  We are working to help him see the 
rest of it come to pass during his lifetime. The 
congregation is now over 300 strong with a facility that is 
15,240 square feet and the total church property covers 5 
acres of land. More of his vision included a Spanish Ministry, 
which started on September 4, 2005 with 25 people in attendance.  

True believers in Phil.4:13 "I can do all things through 
Christ which strengthens me."   Though Bro. Hunter has passed 
the torch he's still in the race. His work reveals that he so 
taught and prepared the Church to be able to press on as 
though he was just taking a break. He never attempts to 
reassert himself or challenge the leadership he left in place. 
He is a true servant and example of a leader.  

Sister Hunter is still teaching occasional ladies bible class, 
advising, counseling and a strong example of what a Christian 
mother, wife and servant should be. She continues to leave her 
imprint upon the hearts of our congregation, men and women.  
She's our mother in Christ! 

We thank God for them both!  We highly esteem them both!  
And as they are long time regulars of this Arizona Lectureship, 
we the members of the North Las Vegas Church of Christ continue 
pray and ask prayers for them and this great Lectureship.  "For 
in Him we live and move and have our being …" Acts17:28 

Though the above is a brief history in the lives of these two 
great servants of God and is printed for your benefit, we are 
honored, proud and blessed to still have them with us! Their 
labor is still producing fruit and they are able to see and be 
apart of its manifestation. Pioneers in their own right, these 
are good examples for those who endeavor to work together in 
the vineyard of the Lord and not only see how the Lord blessed 
their efforts but to reap in some small way, some benefits there of.