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From the minister's desk

“The Prison of Sin”

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First, let’s understand and believe that Jesus has set us free from the bondage of sin. Isa.61:1-3 Once set free one must learn how to stay free as well as how to not enter into sin again. “Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free and not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage and sin.” Gal.5:1 Sin always carries the power to make slaves. When sin is let in the door, it has the capacity to take over. Eph.5:26-27… For a time, it is something we do and if left unchecked it becomes something that does us and will then undo us.


Beware of the enslaving and destructive power of sin, especially pride and greed. Peter tells us in 2Pt.2:10-18… of the destructiveness of some sins. To teach and understand this point, one may find it useful to differentiate between outward expressions of sin and the inner character traits that drive them. This passage lists slander (2:10-12), the absence of self-control (2:13-14), a love of money (2:15-16), and sexual immorality (2:14, 18) as outward expressions of sinful behavior. Each of these can be enslaving in its own way, but the root causes of these behaviors are pride and greed. Failing to address these root causes will render futile any efforts with these outward expressions of sin.


Continue to make every effort to display and participate in the divine nature and so demonstrate the genuine nature of your faith and avoid the fate of so easily falling back into sin. Read, understand and apply 1Peter1:3-11 in your life so that you can make sure your salvation.  


Recognize character traits and qualities of sin and avoid them. One identifies sin on the basis that what God said in His word. But recognizing character traits of pride and greed as well as the outward expressions of pride and greed can also help in identifying other sins. Helping people who are confused by what sin is starts with having them look into the word of God for answers.  


As we study “How to Survive Pharaoh’s Prison,” let’s consider ourselves and how we might be our own prison. Be aware that you have been freed from the bondage or prison of sin and make every effort not to return, but if you do, be assured that the word of the Lord can bail you out and keep you out if you stay in it!