From the minister's desk

From the minister's desk

“If Today Was Pay Day- What Would Your Wages Be?”

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What will the life you have lived, the work you have done in and for the Lord amount to if you were called to the payment (judgment) office today? After spending a portion of your life learning and assessing your knowledge, understanding and doing the will of God would you be content with your wages? Based on the scriptures, what would your wages be? 


As a Christian, you are not a hireling but a servant whose Master promised to pay you according to your works anyway. Mt.16:27… You heard the Masters’ offer, agreed to come into His Kingdom, work in His vineyard and be faithful until He retires you. Knowing that “He is faithful that promised” and have provided you with “all you need that pertains to life and godliness” to live in this world, work in and for the Lord with the promise of eternal life, have you been “holding fast the profession of our faith without wavering?” Heb.10:23, 2Pt.1:3  


I beg you to consider seriously your efforts in the Lord and don’t be like the workers the Lord so vividly warned against in Mt.20:1-16… Remember who you belong to! Your actions do speak louder than words and the words usually come with actions or attitude. His question to those with bad attitudes is “Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own? Is your eye evil because I am good?” 15 Don’t cause Him to ask you this question.


Our Master has not promised different things to his faithful workers at the end of the day (judgment). Whether you were baptized (agreed to serve) in 33A.D. or 2020 we will all get the same reward on payday (judgment). Non-believers and unfaithful servants have a different wage coming! “The wages of sin is death.” Hear, trust and obey the Master and ‘know what your wages will be.’ Rom.6:23…


Here is what not to do and why. Don’t be lazy or slothful in the Kingdom. Mt. 25:26-27, Heb.6:12. Don’t keep lying on and to one another. Eph.4:25, Rev.21:8. Quit trying to serve two masters, trying to serve God and self. You can’t be a servant of God and Satan. You can’t show up at worship trying to serve God and still attend denominations to satisfy your flesh. Either you believe the church is right or you don’t! Mt.6:24, Jas.3:8-10. Be aware of Satan’s devices and don’t let him get a foothold. 2Cor.2:11, Eph.4:27 


So, if you understand the lessons in the scriptures and how they impact your life now and later, and you were to be paid today, what would your wages be? If you have any doubts, why not repent and come back to the Lord today while you live? If you are reading this and is not in the Lord’s church, His Kingdom then you can solve that problem today also. Jesus is always calling whoever will hear to come to Him. You come to Him by hearing, believing, repenting of your sins, confessing Jesus as the Son of God, be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins, be taught the Lord’s truth and be faithful until He retires you. Your wages will be far beyond what any man can imagine, and you will be content!