From the minister's desk

From the minister's desk

“How To Avoid Being A Castaway”

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Our studies on “Being a Motivated Servant, Honoring God Without Compromising,

Invested In The Lord, Recognizing The Voice of God, Conquering the Challenge to Trust God, Missed Opportunities, Abomination Called Pride, The Father of Lies,  Receiving Good and Evil from God’ and ending the year with ‘Continuing in the Words of Jesus’ were all meant to prepare us for God’s use that we may ‘Avoid Being a Castaway. 


We ended the year seeing that though we are God’s people, God’s vineyard, if we are not producing the fruit that God expects and the works God has ordained, laying up treasures for ourselves in heaven and laboring for and in the Lord, we stand in danger of being ‘castaway.’ As we do our best to teach, preach and help you understand this, our first lesson for the new year is “Good Seed or Tare?” This is a question title that everyone should ask themselves of themselves. But to answer properly, one must understand the subject matter. So, please give yourself fully to getting the knowledge, the wisdom but more importantly the understanding of these that you may avoid being a castaway!


Jesus said, “a tree is known by its fruit.” A bad tree brings forth bad fruit and a good tree brings forth good fruit. “By their fruits you shall know them.” Mt.7:17-20 As you study the lesson, be sure to focus on you first. Examine your own self to see what kind of tree you are according to the words of Jesus. If you are a fig tree, you should be producing figs. Please read the parable of the fig tree and judge for yourself whether you are in favor with the Lord. Lk.6-9…


Then read Mk.11:12-14…, 20-26… Do you know what the Lord expects of you?



Are you producing what the seed of His word, planted in you should bring forth?



What more are you expecting the Lord to do to or for you to get you to produce fruit for Him? ____________________________________________________________


Come to bible classes. Let’s study and reason together, in the word of God that we might be found worthy of our calling and ‘avoid being castaway.’ LGG