From the minister's desk

From the minister's desk

“How I Achieved Happiness and Fulfillment In Christ”

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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He created man in his image and likeness.” He gave the man some basic needs that would lead to fulfillment or happiness. He gave man ‘Something to Do, Someone to Love and Something to Look forward to.’ Read Genesis 2 to see what that looks like.   


I try to teach as the Lord has taught me in how to achieve happiness, fulfillment and “a peace which surpasses all understanding.” Also, to enjoy “all the spiritual blessings that are in Christ Jesus.” I do seek to get the most out of life, but what is that really? I believe it varies for each person. For me, I find contentment in Christ Jesus. This is what that looks like to me; ‘My first love is God and all His being. I seek first to do the things He has told me to do. I am looking forward to being with Him one day. I am content with following the steps He has ordered for me and allowing Him to guide me, bless me, protect me and deliver me. I want the same for each of you as well. I want to continue to ‘love, praise and worship God, have favor with all people as the Lord adds to the Church daily.’ Yes, I look forward to every day, especially Sunday. ‘I love the thrill that I feel when I get together with God’s wonderful people.’ He has brought me this far. I’d be foolish to leave Him now. I am happy, content and filled full of God’s love and mercy.


Please don’t mistake this to mean I don’t love my wife, my family, my friends and you all. Just know that we must all know our place in each other’s life in relation to God. God tells us that these things, including people, are temporal and will pass away. So, the ultimate goal must be Heaven which, we will have to strive to reach until death. This will keep God and Heaven in their rightful places, first.


When we set goals and achieve them, it may give us temporary gratification and happiness. But there is a higher, longer lasting happiness and peace available to us as God’s children. Yes, it is available, but we must obtain, secure or achieve them! We must work and “walk in the works ordained by God.”


To get the most out of life, give your life to Christ. What does that look like? Trust that “He has given us all that we need that pertain to life and godliness.” So, our daily life and issues start with listening to His voice, His words. Looking at three categories of basic needs will help a lot; ‘someone to love, (Him) something to do (His Will) and something to look forward to’ (Heaven) keeps me happy, content and fulfilled. Most people will not understand this, mainly because they don’t believe it or haven’t even tried it, though it is God’s plan for man. How about you? Are you happy? Do you have God’s peace? Is Heaven your goal? I pray that your answer is yes! If not, come, let us teach you how from God’s word.