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From the minister's desk

“The Abomination Called Pride”

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Pride is ‘a quality of having an excessively high opinion; a haughty spirit, lifted up, exalted; undue confidence in and attention to one’s own skills, accomplishments, state, possessions, or position.’ Any one of us at any time can be guilty of this sin if we are not careful. Scriptures tell us that this attitude is an abomination to God.


Abomination means ‘detestable, abhorrence, repulsive, unnatural, perverted, etc.’ Considering these definitions, you can see why God feels the way He does about pride. Do you want to be an abomination to God? We must learn and understand pride so that we are not found guilty of it before the Lord. As God’s children in Christ, when we learn what our Father likes and doesn’t like we must mirror our Father. Simply put, whatever God hates, we should hate. Whatever is an abomination to God must become an abomination to us. The question is are we striving to be like our Lord and our Father? Let’s make every effort to learn about pride this month.


Pride may appear in many forms. Some of the more common are pride of race, spiritual pride, and pride of riches. Jesus denounced pride of race. Luke 3:8 The parable of the Pharisee and the publican was directed at those guilty of spiritual pride, the ones “who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and looked down on everyone else” Luke 18:9-14 Paul and James warns the rich against the temptation to be lifted up with pride because of their wealth. 1Tim.6:17-19, Jas.1:10


Pride is easier to recognize than to define. It’s easier to recognize in others than in oneself. Many biblical words describe this concept, each with its own emphasis. Some of the synonyms for pride include arrogance, presumption, conceit, boasting self-satisfaction and high-mindedness. It is the opposite of humility, the proper attitude one should have in relation to God. Pride is rebellion against God because it attributes to oneself the honor and glory due to God alone. Proud people do not think it necessary to ask forgiveness because they do not admit their sinful condition. This attitude toward God also finds expression in one’s attitude toward others, often causing people to have a low estimate of the ability and worth of others and therefore to treat them with either contempt or cruelty. Some have considered pride to be the root and essence of sin. Others consider it to be sin in its final form. In either case, it is a grievous sin. Let’s be mindful of this abomination called pride!