From the minister's desk

From the minister's desk

“You Have an Incorruptible and Undefiled Inheritance”

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As children of God “we have an inheritance that is incorruptible, undefiled, and does not fade away, reserved for us in heaven.” But to obtain this inheritance, we are told what we must do, how we must live and how long we must endure hardships. The danger of losing this inheritance is in not having faith in the word of promise.


We are so blessed in our times as far as the kind of suffering we face versus the sufferings the early church faced. We are in a country where food and water are plentiful, medicines abound, freedoms and creature comforts are the norm. But when we read about the early Christians and the sufferings, persecutions and scattering they had to endure, can we honestly convince ourselves that we could or would be willing to go through what they went through? Honestly? _____________________


They were boiled in hot oils, burned alive, thrown to wild beasts, beaten at will and often killed just for the sport and with no repercussions from the government, but usually at the hands of the government, just for being Christians. Again, would you put up with that type of treatment just to be a Christian and remain one?   __


Knowing that this is a requirement for obtaining that “inheritance that is incorruptible and does not fade away” would you make the effort to endure and persevere? That is why many will not obtain that inheritance; many will not endure and persevere as God had commanded. Many do not have the faith to endure.


Peter is writing to the Jewish believers who are struggling in the midst of vicious persecution and he is telling them to conduct themselves courageously and rejoice in their suffering, as this is pleasing in the sight of God and that “the trial of their faith, if they endured until the end, they would receive the salvation of their souls.” If they had to endure such suffering to receive the inheritance, what are you suffering that comes close to that? It was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who said that we too must “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust corrupt and thieves cannot break in and steal.” Your treasures are eternally secured in heaven, but where is your heart?


Peter is encouraging the Christians to give their hearts to the Lord, for the suffering He endured for them. This would enable them to endure their suffering for a little while, that they may obtain their “inheritance that is reserved for them, in heaven and it will not fade away.” You have an inheritance in heaven. Don’t let these light afflictions that are for a moment prevent you from obtaining your inheritance. These things are temporary, but your inheritance in heaven is eternal! Don’t lose it.