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“Missed Opportunities”

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“Missed Opportunities”  

This month’s lesson will help us greatly if we honestly want to know and understand where we might be in our relationship to God in our everyday lives. Everyone of us has experienced ‘missed opportunities’ in one area or another in our lives. A few questions to ask are; what were they? Did you know? How and why did you miss the opportunities? What did it cost you? What was the result of the missed opportunity? Were there any changes to your approach to opportunities?  


After reflecting and realizing the importance of not ‘missing opportunities,’ give serious consideration to the ‘missed opportunities’ in your spiritual life. This is what bible classes are set up for; to give us the insight and instructions God has provided regarding opportunities and how we should value them. In His word we have instructions regarding how we should treat strangers. Heb.13:2… No one has ever knowingly met or seen angels. These are messengers and helpers of God. We read of many accounts of angels appearing to certain people with messages from God, some good and some not so good. If we believe what we read, it should put us on guard and on notice to “be careful how we engage or entertain strangers, for some have entertained angels unaware.”


Since he, she or they are strangers, you may not respond to them in a way pleasing to God. But if we are bible believing and practicing Christians, we will ‘be kind to all people, treat people with love and respect, “be always ready to give an answer of the reason of hope that in you and if it be possible, as much as is in you, live peaceable with all men.” They could’ve been sent to you by God. Don’t miss the opportunity.


We miss opportunities to encourage, edify and exhort one another when we don’t spend time together, won’t attend bible classes, worship or fellowship activities. If God’s word says there are opportunities there, who are we to say there are not? We have been given gifts from the Holy Spirit to be a blessing to one another. 1Cor.12:7

When we miss bible classes we miss opportunities to learn and grow together in Christ. We miss opportunities to sing, making melodies in our hearts unto the Lord while admonishing one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. If you are assembled and are not doing as God said with the Spirit of God influencing you, you have missed the opportunity to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.


So, in your spiritual life ask, what were they? Did you know? How and why did you miss the opportunities? What did it cost you? What was the result of the missed opportunity? Are there any changes to your approach to these opportunities?  


Take advantage of the opportunities afforded you today and be a blessing to God and one another. Give serious attention to this lesson and grow spiritually in Christ.