Fatherhood's Awesome Responsibilities 6-17-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Fathers Day 6-17-2018 AM Bro Leo Gay.mp3

Lord Have Mercy On Me 6-10-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Multi-Generational Church 6-10-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Salvation And Church Membership 6-3-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay 6-.mp3

Things That Connects Us To The Cross 6-3-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

No Cross, No Crown 5-27-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Lord's Memorial Day 5-57-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Gospel Call 5-20-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The True Costs, Time, Talents and Resources 5-20-2018 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

How Special Is Your Mama 5-13-2108 PM Brother Leo Gay.mp3

A Mother's Day At The Cross 5-13-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Result Of The Cross Is A Change 5-6-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Prophecies Regarding The Old Rugged Cross 5-6 2018 AM Bro Leo Gay.mp3

The Worthiness Of Our Children To Jesus 4-29-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Stuck In A Win-Win Situation 4-29-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Reviewing Our Worthiness 4-22-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay .mp3

One Way vs. Anyway 4-22-2018 Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Result Of Not Being Ready For Jesus' Return 4-15-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Being Worthy Of Jesus 4-15-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Living For God, Beware Of False Prophets 4-8-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Straight And Wide Gate 4-8-2018 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Coming Soon 4-1-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Abiding In Christ 3-25-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Jesus, The True Vine 3-25-2018 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

A Church For All Generations 3-18-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Jesus, Man's Pefect Example Of Perfection 3-28-20218 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Teach Them Sound Doctrine 3-11-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Growing And Developing Spiritually 3-4-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Perfecting The Saints 3-4-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Church That Grows Best Under Persecution Than Under Peace & Prosperity 2-18-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Jesus' Kingdom Shall Break Into Pieces And Shall Consume All Other Kingdoms 2-18-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind 2-11-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Living Sacrifice-Without Fear, Doubt Or Being Tired 2-4-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Make All Things According To The Pattern 2-4-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Godly Counsel For Getting Your House In Order 1-28-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Defense Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ 1-28-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Power Of Attitude 1-21-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Attitude 1-21-2018 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

What Kind Of Church Are We 1-14-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

What Kind Of Church Are We 1-14-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3