King Lemuel's Mother's Counsel 5-14-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Hanna A Mother Of Faith 5-14-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Deliverance Of God 5-7-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Did Jesus Come To Solve Your Problems Or To Provide A Way For Them To Be Solved 5-7-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Are We All One In Christ Or Not 4-30-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

God's Spiritual Family 4-30-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Challenges Of Developing Holding Power 4-23-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Pitching Tents Toward Sodom 4-23-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

When Jesus' Word Is Not Enough 4-16-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Nothing But Love 4-16-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

It's Harvest Time The Sequel 4-9-2017 PM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

It's Harvest Time Part 1 4-9-2017 AM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Turned On, But Not Plugged In 4-2-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Message Of Encourgement 3-26-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Worldly Pleasures 3-26-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Building BridgesThat No One Wants To Cross 3-19-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Bro Leo Gay Single, Saved, Santified, and Satisfied I Cor 7(23-35).mp3

In Which Tent Do You Live 3-12-2017 PM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

The Pleasure Of Sexual Immorality For A Season 3-12-2017 AM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Soul Food 3-5-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Debra A Wife, A Prophetess And A Warrior 2-26-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Spiritual Hunger 2-19-2017 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

A Day In The Life Of Christ 2-5-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Complete Healing Requires Obeying All Of God's Instructions 1-29-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Sermon On The Amount 1-29-2017 AM Bro. Anthomy Morris.mp3

The Tale Of The Broken Hearted Mother 1-22-2017 PM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

The Precious invitation And The Needful Warning 1-22-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Has The Pharmaceutical Company Left Town 01-08-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Focused Church In A Confused World 01-08-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

It's Not Over 01-01-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

When The Fullness Of Time Was Come 12-25-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Wisdom To Endure Life Under The Sun 12-18-2016 PM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Examining Ourselves In The Light Of God's Work 12-18-2016 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Vanity Of The Season 12-11-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Son's Choice Of Vanities Over Values 12-4-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Vanities Versus Values 12-04-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Courage The Heart Of David 11-27-2016 PM Bro. Daniel McDonald.mp3

The Difference The Heart Makes 11-27-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Heart Of God 11-20-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Giant That Slew David 11-20-2016 AM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Like Father Like Son 11-13-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Rebellious Heart 11-13-2016 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

From The Field To The Throne 11-6-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Heart Of God And Old Age 11-6-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Humility Is God's Way 10-30-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Work In Progress 10-23-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Because God Loved Israel 10-23-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

If Jesus Ran For President Would He Get Your Vote 10-16-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Concerned With The Elections And The Economy 10-16-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

If The Foundation Be Destroyed, What Can The Righteous Do 10-9-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Plumb Line 10-9-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Mistake Of Pride 10-2-2016 AM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Transforming - Changing Drastically 9-24-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Taste For The Spiritual 9-24-2016 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Valley Of Dry Bones Transformed 9-18-2016 AM Bro Leo Gay.mp3

God's Extreme Makeover Plan 9-11-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

God's Instructions For Transformation 9-11-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Danger Of A Empty Heart 9-4-2016 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Transforming Power Of The Gospel 9-4-2016 AM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Hungering And Thirsting After Righteousness 8-28-2016 PM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

Spiritual Blindness 8-28-2016 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

What Happens To A Person Who Dies And Is Not Baptized 8-21-2016 AM Bro Leo Gay.mp3

Only In The Church Can You Be Filled With The Holy Spirit 8-14-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay .mp3

Bringing Good Out Of Evil 8-7-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Problems Worth Saving 7-31-2016 PM Brother Mark Darnell.mp3

Perilous Times And Perilous Men-Godlessness In The Last Days 7-31-2016 AM Bro, Anthony Morris.mp3

Who Or What Causes Problems 7-24-2016 PM Bro. Anthony Morris.mp3

How God Uses Problems 7-17-2016 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Discerning Problems 7-10-2016 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Courage That Comes With Knowing That God Is With You 7-10-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Why The World Is Sick, Religiously 7-3-2016 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3