The Church That Grows Best Under Persecution Than Under Peace & Prosperity 2-18-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Jesus' Kingdom Shall Break Into Pieces And Shall Consume All Other Kingdoms 2-18-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind 2-11-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Living Sacrifice-Without Fear, Doubt Or Being Tired 2-4-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Make All Things According To The Pattern 2-4-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Godly Counsel For Getting Your House In Order 1-28-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Defense Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ 1-28-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Power Of Attitude 1-21-2018 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

Attitude 1-21-2018 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

What Kind Of Church Are We 1-14-2018 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

What Kind Of Church Are We 1-14-2018 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Place Fit for the Lord 12-31-2017 AM Bro Albert Scott.mp3

The Transferable Joy Of Jesus 12-31-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Christian Hope 12-17-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Things That Happen At Baptism 12-17-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Praise The Lord 12-10-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

No Other God Beside Me 12-03-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Remember 12-03-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay .mp3

Choices Made Outside The Shadow Of The Cross 11-26-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Before We Depart - Let's Be Committed To God 11-26-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Life Of Thanks Living 11-19-2017 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

True Gratitude Has A Price 11-19-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott .mp3

The Gospel Of Jesus While On Earth 11-12-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Crucifixion 11-12-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Free From Sins, Slaves Of Righteousness 11-5-2017 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Agony Before The Crucifixion 11-5-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Mature Christians 10-29-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Christ And Him Crucified 10-29-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Work Of The Holy Spirit 10-22-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Who Are We Vowing To As Children Of God 10-22-2017 AM Beo. Leo Gay.mp3

The Administration Of The Holy Spirit 10-15-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

God's Instructions For Giving 10-15-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

A Giving Attitude & God's Reward 10-8-2017 PM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

She Gave All She Had 10-8-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Book Of Remembrance 10-1-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Obey And Be Blessed 9-24-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

When Compassion, Cooperation And Commitment Merge With Faith 9-24-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

The Mounting Efforts To Disprove God, His Son, And The Church 9-17-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Wisdom Seekers 9-10-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Three Steps To Eternity 9-10-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

What I Am Told To Do 9-3-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

What Can We Do. What Should We Do. 8-27-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Tell It Like It Is 8-27-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

God Rewards Integrity, Trust, and Patience 8-20-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Our First Love 8-20-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

The Stoning Of Stephen 8-6-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Turncoats Are Not Fit For The Kingdom Of Heaven 8-6-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

How Did We Get Here 7-30-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

When Preaching The Gospel Of Christ, The Old Paths Are Still New 7-30-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

What Happens To Your Faith When Your Own Family Don't Believe In You 7-23-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Prayers Of Patience And Long Suffering 7-23-2017 AM Bro. Albert Scott.mp3

An Invitation To A Conference 7-16-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Singles and Youth 7-16-2017 AM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Pressing On Through The Mark For The Prize 7-9-2017 PM Bro. Leo Gay.mp3

Understanding Grace by Considering Rain, PM 07022017, Job 38(25-27), Bro Leo Gay.mp3

What Makes the Church of Christ Distinctive, AM 07022017, Eph 1(3-6), Matt 16(18), Bro Leo Gay.mp3