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From The Minister’s Desk         	                                                                                    25 Sep 16

Transformation Produces ADifferent Outlook

As I wrote about the caterpillar and the butterfly, my attempt was to show 
how we are to have a somewhat similar experience coming out of the world 
into “the body of Christ.”There should/must be a big difference in our 
outlook as well as our thinking and behaviors. The caterpillar is as “a 
babe.” It can only crawl around, eat and hopefully grow before being 
devoured by its enemies. The caterpillar is a little ugly, squirmy and 
damaging insect. It has behaviors and appetites that the butterfly 
doesn’t have nor acquire.

When we are baptized into the “body of Christ” we too are “new babes” in 
Christ. We are instructed to “desire the sincere milk of the word that we 
may grow thereby.”Like "babes" we have to learn to crawl before we can 
walk. Those same physical attributes and characteristics must occur in our 
spiritual life. Unlike caterpillars, babies are cute, but they too are 
squirmy and damaging creatures of God. They have behaviors and appetites 
that in the later stages of their development they do not have or acquire.  
Is this ok so far? Can you see the transformation process in action?
As the caterpillar transform into a butterfly, it still has its struggles 
and dangers to contend with while trying to strengthen itself to fully 
become what God intended it to be. It must stay within the bounds of safety, 
exercise its body and senses until it can spread its wings and fly! Heb.5:14

We are told to “be vigilant, be sober for our adversary the devil is walking 
around seeking whom it may devour.” Birds, other creatures and insects will 
try to eat or destroy a caterpillar. It has no true defenses. We have no 
defense against Satan outside of Christ!

The butterfly once ate the very shell it was developed in, leaves it now lights 
on, rests on and eat from. It feeds off the nectar and fluids on the leaves. 
It has no chewing mechanisms. It cannot even digest the same foods. Most only 
live a few weeks. Their lives are very short but long enough to do what God 
designed them for.

We, when truly transformed will no longer have an appetite for many of the 
things we sought before we gave ourselves over to Christ. He gives us a new 
menu to choose from and a different thought process and perspective to make 
decisions by. We learn from God that our lives are frail and short. We should 
work to be what God wants us to be and do what He has told us to do. Are you 
"transformed" today.