Bro LB Jones Jr

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L B Jones Jr. was born in Cushing, Texas, on June 28, 1931,
to Willie Vernon and L B Jones Sr.  He attended school in 
Landville, Texas. After completing high school, he joined 
the military and served in the United States Air Force from 
1952-1972. He retired from the military after serving twenty 
years.  Some of his duty stations were Randolph Air Force 
Base in San Antonio, Texas for two years; Korea in 1954 for 
one year; Japan in 1956; and Spokane, Washington for twelve 
years. He was stationed in Alaska 1966 1968 and then 
transferred to Las Vegas, Nevada. One of his main priorities 
in Las Vegas was to locate the church of Christ. He found a 
small congregation worshipping on "J" Street. At that time, 
the church was involved in a gospel meeting. It was during 
this gospel meeting that he was baptized by Brother William 
J. Hervey.

L B Jones Jr. has faithfully served with the church on the 
west side of Las Vegas since 1968. He is very passionate 
about working for the Lord. His tireless energy finds him 
each day demonstrating, "Here Am I Lord Send Me."  Because 
of his dedication, many souls have been brought to Christ. 
His mother was a member of the church in San Diego, 
California; however, both parents are now deceased. His 
brother Robert Jones is a member of the church in the San 
Diego area.

L B has four daughters:  Nicole, Lisa, Janet, Myra; and 
two stepchildren:  Sylvia and Andre. 
Interview with Brother L B Jones Jr. by Sister Wilma Ficklin

We read about the great men of God in the scriptures, men who 
God sanctified and appointed before they were born. 
This congregation is blessed to have among us today a living 
epistle. A member of the Lord's church for over forty years, 
L B Jones first heard of the doctrine of Christ while in the 
military in 1966. He was being transferred to Alaska, and went 
to visit his mother in San Diego, California. While in San 
Diego he saw a program on television sponsored by the El Cajon 
Church of Christ called, "Know Your Bible". The minister 
teaching the lesson explained in great detail about the 
scriptures, and individuals could call in to have their 
questions answered. The program listed a number on the 
television screen for anyone interested in taking the 
correspondence course to call. L B Jones thought to himself he 
would love to take the course. When he arrived at his duty 
station in Alaska, he wrote the church, and begins to receive 
lessons by mail. L B Jones completed the lessons so quickly; 
the church began to send him two or three lessons at a time. 
He was in Alaska for two years, and completed twenty-seven 

After completing his tour in Alaska, he was transferred to 
Las Vegas, Nevada. He immediately begins to search for the 
church. In August 1968, his second Sunday in Las Vegas, 
Nevada, he located the church at the "J" Street location. 
Brother Isaiah Dawson was the minister. The congregation 
was in the middle of a gospel meeting conducted by Brother 
W. J. Hervey. Thursday night of the gospel meeting, L B 
Jones was baptized, and became Brother L B Jones. 

Brother L B Jones came up out of the water with zeal to work. 
Brother W T. Hervey stayed a few days after the gospel 
meeting, and Brother Jones went around with him visiting 
delinquent members and doing personal work.  At that time, 
the Bible only was used in teaching people about the gospel 
of Christ. 

Throughout the years, Brother Jones has taught many Bible 
classes, lead door-knocking teams, taught men's training 
classes, helped with construction, assisted with the job 
of finances, been the giver of many a kind deed, just to 
name a few. He has brought Christ words to many lost souls. 
His wife Villian Jones understands his dedication, and serves 
with him at the North Las Vegas congregation. They were 
married June 18, 1994, and both enjoy traveling as time allows.

Oftentimes you hear Brother Jones lead the song, "Whatever You 
Do In Word Or Deed, Do All In The Name Of The Lord ".  He has 
learned and practiced the whole duty of man, which is to serve 
God and keep his commandments. He has the same zeal for doing 
the Lord's work as he did in 1968 when he was baptized. His 
days are spent going about his Father's business. Today, he 
teaches an Outreach Class at the North Las Vegas Church of 
Christ.  Brother Jones is a humble man who has dedicated over 
40 years in the service of God. He never complains about the 
work and simply encourages others to join in the work of 
saving souls. Truly, his light shines among men and God must 
be pleased.

Brother L B Jones' vision for the church is that we as a 
congregation need to do more door knocking. This is how the 
church grew in the beginning. Some members retire and sit 
down. If every member worked with someone, the church could 
bring in 200 souls in one year. We would have more members 
doing the Lord's work. We need to get busy in the community:  
go see people (members of the church or not), get to know 
people, and build relationships. The church needs to be 
concerned about saving souls